Writing Plan

Writing Plan

14th November 2020

My tutor asked me to try and provide a submission framework for CS. The problem is that I am not sure how long each element will take.

Here is my proposal.

WRITING SUBMISSION PLAN: Morris Gallagher 513748 CS – L3 
Submission DatesAssignmentNotes
10th DecA 1: Visual culture essay 
10th FebA 2: Literature Review 
10th MarchA 3: Plan 
10th MayA 4: First Draft 
10th JulyA 5: Final Draft 


Juggling elements

I am 4 weeks into the degree. I have completed the CS course work but not the BOW course work: I was keen to do BOW A1 to get a sense of what my tutor was like and what was expected of me. I realise that the standard is high. I will do the BOW course work next, but also have a collaborative ‘photo-voice’ project which is exciting but needs a lot of work, as well as a film, and autoethnography, using a pin-hole camera…

Probably the writing plan is needed, but I see the BOW having a life of its own as long as I do the work, and my nature is probably to do too much. Maybe I need a plan for the next 6 wks of BOW?

Writing as process

I have always seen research and writing as tied together, so I have written text already for the literature review and I have some ideas for a two hypotheses on of which is about the conditions of future representation of doctors. I think that is fine, and is it is iterative some text and searches will survive or be discarded – an iterative approach.

I recently read ‘Maxwell Street’ by Tim Creswell who is a social anthropologist, now at Edinburgh (Cresswell, 2019). There is a fantastic first chapter about the interrelation of writing with research about place – Maxwell Street is a market is Chicago. It is theoretical and marks research about place, psycho-geography and Benjamin and Barthes are present in the analysis.


When I did my doctorate I read a book called something like “Doing a PhD.’ One key ideas is about progressively reducing uncertainty by doing – knocking down the obstacles. I in a phase of working most days on my degree to do this. There is no other way to go.


Cresswell, T. (2019) Maxwell Street. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.