Webinar: Keeping up Momentum Session: Student Stories 27/02/21

Webinar: Keeping up Momentum Session: Student Stories 27/02/21

Aim – To inspire, motivate and connect

Jane Coxhill (Painting)

It takes time to realise what the assessors want. Lots of experimentation – putting mirrors in rivers for example. Experimentation is a critical part of the process. Her journey was long but despite having cancer and struggling. 

‘Having the degree has helped’ as a displacement activity – “something else to think about.”

Sarah-Jane Field (Photography)


Holistic approach to photography – not linear reality – mark making – shift from linear to entangled reality – ? postmodern. Multimodal mark making. Expanded moments of post-production; an assemblage of images, not one single moment.  

Judy Marshall referenced – there is a modesty in action research in photography. Judi Marshall, “Living Life as an Inquiry” 1999.

Is photography system re-enforcing and not challenging – now creating installations – mixed media. 

Film using apps – and filters. 

Exploration of mark making – Hex.it programme for changing image to binary code.

Dense speech about complex issues – hard to know how to respond to that.

Jason Hickle – book ‘Less is more.’ 

Sarah-Jane blog.

“There is a lot of dogma in the inward-looking community of photography.” 

‘I make work that I make – I can’t do anything other.’ 

‘If people like it they like it, if they don’t’

Beauty in the sharpest tool in the box. 

You have to be yourself and your experiences

Hugh Hadfield (Illustrator)

What did I learn?

Very well led by Helen Rosemeir – a lightness of touch and not too much speech

Doing a presentation (Jane Coxhill) – do not write out all you speech on your slides as it is too much.

Making and working with materials is an important part of the process. That applies to me as I experiment with how to represent my inner experience by taking photographs and staging emotions and psychological states.

I need to include more of myself and my thinking in my work – my anger, my angst, my selfishness etc.

I need to be more expansive in my body of work.


“The degree is about you, it is a process of development.” I think that is correct.


Zoe from Scotland, Doing Photography DI&C https://spaces.oca.ac.uk/zoe516582digitalimageandculture/

I am at Level 3 photography – Instagram https://www.instagram.com/helen.rosemier/