Notes on display

Notes on display

Visible Invisibility. These images are designed to be printed A2/A3 size for a temporal gallery space accompanied by an audio of doctors talking about the difficulties of working from home (taken from the A2 film). It could also occupy a virtual gallery space with a printed or electronic catalogue.

These works would also be suitable for submission to ‘The Wellcome Trust’ who regularly exhibit medical work.
‘Remotely.’  I can see this in a gallery, as a 3D artwork or as part of a book targeted at doctors with an interview with someone from ‘Doctors in Distress.’ 
‘Home’ and ‘Away:’ These will form two hand-made books with resin covers embedded with used lateral flow tests kits and masks, contained in a single cardboard sleeve made from PPE packaging. 

The Institute of Medical Visual culture

I have created an institute that will develop and exhibit my works at SYP. This will use all the work produced in this module and any new works that I need to make to support my messages. This was prompted by an idea by my tutor when we were thinking about presenting a portfolio of work. Is this a vanity project or something unique and challenging?

Do you need to make any changes to your portfolio?
I’m not sure. I will see what happens to my work in ‘The Institute of Medical Visual Culture.’