Finding Focus – reflections 11/03/2021

Finding Focus – reflections 11/03/2021

11th March

I have now had feedback for A2 BOW and CS about my work and approach and in the last few weeks acknowledge a common theme which is ‘too much detail – not enough focus. Let’s consider both streams of work.

CS: Feedback from my tutor tells me that I have done more research than other students BUT that it is lacking detail and focus in some areas. A good example would be the theoretical framework; I have an inkling but not the detail to apply to the essay. I have remedied that by stepping back and studying potential theories, such as Foucault’s works, and making notes and thinking how that applies to my subject area of doctor identity. May tutor has advised me about producing an annotated bibliography, which has helped that theory focus.

I have also decided to examine other students essays to get a handle on what is the right amount of focus to bring for A3/4. The other dimension here is focussing more on my reading of the images and literature – its hard to strike the balance.

BOW: I have researched a lot of different areas such as photovoice and psychogeography which may not find its way into work at this time. Maybe these will be useful another time. The downside of looking widely is that I have not focussed on the genre of my work, which is something that my tutor keeps bringing me back to. I agree with that and have done some work looking at my key influences such as Goldberg and Sultan for the ethnographic work.

The other dimension here is that because of my dissatisfaction and low state of mind working from home is that I have done some new work staging my feelings about lockdown. This is an intention from before starting but bringing a focus to showing emotional responses has been really helpful for me; we will see how that turns out.

Let’s keep going.