Artist’s talk: Jane Weinmann Webinar 21/02/2021

‘The Climacteric’

Derrick Trillo, OCA tutor, interviewing Jane Weinmann about her ‘Climacteric’ work.

Developing the work: Advise “Make sure you have a topic that you can live and breath over the next few years.”

The title came from research about the menopause. There was a survey – what shapes and colour come to mind. Blue was important.

Printing out images with her in them to experiment with the look. Made a decision to make it black and white and then coloured images.

Derrick Trillo – keep the focus narrow

What I learnt

  1. She explored emotions and feelings in photographing objects and scenes in her environment – oblique, emotional and investigative. I think that it has taken me to A2/3 to take a step back to look at my feelings of working in lockdown. My staged images explore some of the feelings that I did not show in A1 or A2.
  2. Research: Doing the film confirmed to me that what I feel about my experience of lockdown, particularly the negative experiences, are interesting and valid.
  3. Presenting to the European group helped to resolve some of the issues about the use of colour in the project. I need to get regular input from people. Don’t be afraid to seek feedback.
  4. I like the service element of the work – in articulating what it feels like to be in this phase of life
  5. I am starting to narrow down what I do.