A 4: Tutor submission

A 4: Tutor submission

Name: Morris Gallagher

Title: ‘Visible Invisibility’ 

Artist’s Statement

I’m not comfortable with representations of ‘hero’ doctors or of a ‘world-beating’ National Health Service. As a family doctor working in the northeast of England, I also see a dystopia, like Ballard’s ‘Concrete Island,’ populated by mistreated and unhappy professionals and patients. 
In this multi-modal work I connect with my ‘good’ and ‘bad’ experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is personal and political; a meditation on ‘loss,’ liminal spaces and anger at institutional powers. 

I use the languages of documentary, with vernacular objects and ‘clinic’ photographs, and staged dioramas and still-life’s that reveal ‘invisible’ psychological dramas. 

‘The Clinic’ explores ‘loss’ in an empty doctor’s surgery during a ‘Lockdown. ‘Smashing’ has new and archive family album images curated around an ‘accidental’ image of a broken flagstone taken during a ‘Dada’ experiment. ‘Text’ is a response to ‘cosmetic’ images about the pandemic; I felt angry and wanted to show it in words. My ‘Assemblages’ are influenced by Man Ray and Sarah Lucas’s work. In my case they are a Foucauldian challenge to the discourse on power relations during this pandemic.  Finally, ‘Dodecahedron’ is an artwork of fabricated dioramas of inner psychological states which will be printed inside the 12-faces of a coronavirus model. 



•       ‘The Clinic’ Series

•       ‘Smashing’ Series

•       ‘Text series

•       Assemblage Series

•       ‘Inner Space’ (Dodecahedron) artwork.   

Development: Collaborative tutor/student Padlets 

No 1: ‘Assemblage’ Images, ideas and preliminary versions of art works influenced by the idea of ‘and the political work of Sarah Lucas. https://oca.padlet.org/garryclarkson/4dvzea8d69hglj8o

No 2: A timeline of influences and critical thinking for the projecthttps://padlet.com/morris5137481/1k33whnsvbf8gqe9

Development: Reflective Blog: https://the-prescription.org/a-4-preparation/